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The NEWZ Token

The NEWZ Token is the token that drives ecosystem.  The NEWZ utility, provides holders access to VIP only content and special VIP only events.


Token Name: The NEWZ Token

Symbol: NEWZ

Token Contract Address: 0xFf98e5581A5Fe85c1c34222917De7522c87e40a1

Decimals: 9

Token Website:

Utility Website:

Token Network: Ethereum (ERC20)

Token Network URL:

Liquidity Pool: Uniswap, Dex-Trade and

VIP Pre-Pricing: .009 ($5,000 minimum purchase)

Non-VIP Pricing: .015

Launch Pricing:  .05 on July, 2, 2024

LP Partner: The EverestLPP

Phase 1 LP: Started at $2,000 on 6/30/24 and is $40,000 as of 7/7/24

Phase 2 Launch: $200,000.00 ($100,000 ETH/$100,000 NEWZ on or before 7/26/24)


Holders:  VIP is limited to the first 15 VIPs

Token Supply: 500,000,000

Initial VIP Pool: 150,000,000

Held in Reserve: 100,000,000


Token Utility: The NEWZ Token is the primary token that drives ecosystem, which includes:,,,,,, Cryptility 2024.

VIP Holders receive exclusive content and access to VIP events, including crypto conventions, private parties, dinner events, after parties and more....



NEWZ Pre-Purchase is only available to the first 15 VIPs.


DISCLAIMER: The NEWZ token is not an investment token. The token is used as a method of payment within the DiVinciPay platform allowing customers to pay for services. Individuals that buy NEWZ tokens via the Uniswap Liquidity Pool should understand that liquidity is provided when NEWZ customers make their payment using the NEWZ Token. NEWZ is not a meme coin, shitcoin, or stablecoin. NEWZ is the native payment token within ecosystem and may also be used as a payment method at participating merchants on the DiVinciPay payment platform.

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